세계한인변호사회(IAKL) 한국 홈페이지를 방문하신 여러분을 환영합니다!

Welcome to International Association of Korean Lawyers (IAKL) which has more than 3,000 members over 23 countries. Since the organization’s inception in 1988, the IAKL has served as a valuable platform among legal professional of Korean descent throughout the world. More specifically, the IAKL has contributed to make thousands of legal professionals to connect and network, share support and develop communities in all parts of the world. Further, the organization has served to protect and advocate for the interests of those who are most in need through various legal aids and education programs.

As we have reached three decades since the foundation, I believe the IAKL sits at an important crossway in continuing to develop and grow. We have much to look forward to. To articulate my responsibility and commitment to the organization, I would like to share my vision for the IAKL to enter into a new stage in the future.

During my presidency, I would like to achieve three meaningful and substantive goals. First, emphasize and foster horizontal relationships among the legal professional throughout the world. Whereas our vertical networks, depending on the geographical region, remain strong as ever, I believe we should emphasize horizontal integration as well, interweaving various practice areas and public interest groups into our geographical network. I envision this horizontal integration to include two broad interest groups, each comprised of various committees. The first dimension would include lawyers representing private interest at law firms of various sizes, corporations, and solo practitioners. The second includes lawyers representing public interest and other non-geographic interests, including pro bono attorneys, human rights, women’s advocacy groups, young attorneys, and lawyers in public service, such implementing the rule of law in foreign countries. Structurally, this will create a synergy when combined with the geographical groups we currently have. Lawyers with similar interests and practices can share information, offer guidance, and network with peers. Once these vertical and horizontal networks come to fruition, members are encouraged to connect with their peers in their geographic region and committees of their interest.

Second, strengthen IAKL organizations in each country and continue to encourage new members to join the IAKL. New members, especially the younger generation of lawyers and law students, can offer fresh perspective and new ways of thinking. However, membership and enrollment are not entirely about the quantity of new members. Looking inward, how we operate as an organization matters. In turn, the quality and strength of the IAKL, more specifically the programs and networks we offer, will attract new members to join our global team of legal professionals.

Third, foster and globalize our pro bono programs. The very talented and resourceful lawyers who currently belong to our organization, in both private and public sectors have provided valuable pro bono service throughout the world, whether by serving Korean nationals living abroad, immigrants working in Korea, or adoptees who are seeking the legal protection they deserve. I believe it is time to branch out, and make the IAKL a truly an international organization, going beyond ethnic and national boundaries. In this effort, we will continue to work with other regional and international legal organizations, including the IBA, ABA, LawAsia, among others, to continue to make strides for the global future.

Lastly, I would like to extend my warmest invitation to the 27th Annual IAKL Conference in Seoul, Korea in 2019 and the 28th Annual IAKL Conference in California, U.S in 2020. These conferences offer a valuable opportunity for the current members to rekindle friendships and renew networks, allow young legal professionals to access valuable resources and develop new relationships, and those more experienced to serve as older statesmen and mentors.

Again, I express a sincere gratitude for your support and welcome. I look forward to working with each and every one of you as we continue to make the IAKL a more robust, effective, and global voice for legal professionals around the world.

Chunghwan CHOI
President, the 12th Office
IAKL Korea

CHUNGHWAN CHOI is a partner at Lee & Ko in Seoul, Korea and has expertise in IP & IT, media and entertainment. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Choi has worked on a wide variety of M&A transactions, complex cross-border transactions, franchise and intellectual property deals such as technology and trademark licensing.
Mr. Choi has served International Association of Korean Lawyers (IAKL) as the Secretary General, the Vice President and President-Elect. He was inaugurated as the President on September 2018.
As part of his professional and civic involvements, Mr. Choi was the Vice President of Korean Bar Association, the Chair of Asia Pacific Committee of American Bar Association (ABA) and a member of Management Board of International Bar Association (IBA). He currently serves as the President-Elect of the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA).
Mr. Choi was awarded with his LL.B and LL.M from Seoul National University, and an additional LL.M from New York University Law School. Mr. Choi has been admitted to practice in the Republic of Korea and the State of New York, USA.